Tax, Consulting & Compliance Services for College Athletes

Pro and College Athlete Planning

Professional and College athletes have very unique and complex financial and retirement planning needs. These needs will start as you enter college, especially with the recently enacted support for college athletes being able to profit from their name, image, and likeness ("NIL") through Draft Day and continuing on until retirement from the game and beyond. Finding a trusted partner to help you address these needs is very important.

We are dedicated to helping our clients build wealth and protect their hard-earned assets. We are completely independent, so our loyalty belongs exclusively to our clients - not to a parent company. We do not believe in one size fits all when it comes to helping you pursue your long-term financial goals.

Our commitment is to understanding you and your family by developing longstanding trusted relationships that will allow us to provide solutions as your needs and desires evolve. We provide many services as well as quarterback your team of trusted advisors to help you reach your goals. We are devoted to delivering exceptional service to give you structure and support to your financial life, peace of mind, feeling of security, and freedom from the responsibilities of dealing with the complexities of your finances. Superior services and experience is what you can expect from us for your financial directions.

More than just an expanse of experience, our skilled and credentialed team have earned some of the highest degrees and certifications in the industry, consisting of attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Financial Consultants, MBAs, and past NFLPA registered player financial advisor.

We can assist with delivering an individually tailored action plan to address specific financial and investment needs. Our comprehensive and integrated approach to implementing, measuring, monitoring and delivering a financial plan allows you access to our web-based wealth management software to keep you informed of your financial positions in your checking, savings, investment, and retirement accounts at any time or any minute throughout the day. As you can see below, we not only consider the values of your investment accounts but also coordinate all areas of your financial life including cash flow and budgeting, tax, insurance, estate, legacy, charitable and other financial areas.

We provide a wide range of services to help individuals meet their specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial environment. Our professional services include highly personalized services that help clients manage both business and personal affairs.

Tax Advisory Services

  • Develop Overall Federal and State Tax Strategies
  • Review of Federal, State & Local Income Tax Returns
  • Review Tax Payments
  • Plan and Implement Multi-State Income Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Tax Deferral Strategies
  • Coordination of Withholdings, Signing Bonuses, and Salary Payments
  • Budget, cash flow planning and forecasting
  • Maintaining financial and accounting files
  • Bill payment and cash management
  • Personal Banking
  • Assistance with purchase of real property and other tangible assets
  • Securing mortgages, loans and other financing
  • Evaluating business ventures
Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial Planning

  • Understanding Personal Objectives and Goals
  • Assess your Overall Risk Tolerance
  • Prepare Globally Diversified Portfolios
  • Develop Tailored Investment Policy Statement based on your Goals
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Establish Relationships for Short Term Borrowing
  • Assist with Managing Cash Flows
  • Review Beneficiary Designation Forms
  • Review Pension Benefits

Estate Planning

  • Explanation of Estate Planning Documents Wills, Trusts, POAs, Living Wills, HIPPA Authorization, etc.
  • Review Wills and Trusts Provisions
  • Guidance on ownership and titling of assets, both personally and professionally
  • Wealth Distribution Strategies
  • Trust Planning – Types, Uses, Provisions and Taxation
  • Discussion of Beneficiary Designation Forms

Asset Protection

  • Evaluate & Review Insurance Coverages
  • Identify Risks & Determine Insurance Needs
  • Review Athlete Disability Policy
  • Assist with Pre-Marital Planning

Charitable Planning

  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Developing Plan for Charitable Giving and to Maximize Deductions
  • Proper Use of Private Family Foundations
  • Consider Year-End Tax Deduction Benefits

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